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The Tropic Isles Homeowners Association (TIA) in the Tropic Isles subdivision in Corpus Christi, Texas is being accused of illegally collecting HOA dues. According to one of the owners Michael Cyrus, “the TIA ceased to have any authority over our property in 1981 and despite this fact they continue to illegally collect dues at closings without the legal authority to do so.” This statement is cited in his very comprehensive website “Tropic Isles Exposed”. The location is What is worse according to Mike Cyrus is that “the TIA is now claiming to be able to change the dedicatory instruments anytime they want by simple vote of the board; the TIA Board has done so on several occasions since 1994 and these actions bypass the amendment provisions in the original Restrictions that are meant to protect the owners and their properties and the worst part is that these illegal documents adversely affect the salability of every property in the Tropic Isles subdivision.”

Corruption in homeowner association communities can only prevail when people continue to be apathetic about the abuse. Some people would rather withdraw into their homes and not do anything about it just to keep from getting into “trouble” with their homeowner or property owner association. Unfortunately, this type of behavior does not stop the abuse—it only causes it to escalate. What Mike Cyrus hopes to accomplish with is to let his neighbors know that they are not alone and that in coming together the owners might prevail.

Michael Cyrus is to be applauded for his pro-active actions in exposing the wrongs in his community and hopefully, he will soon be able to get his communities’ help in recapturing their community from the wrongs being committed by this association, that according to actual court documents, include “illegally changing the dedicatory instruments, putting a cloud on the title of every property owner and illegally demanding fees from the owners residing in the Tropic Isles subdivision.” The documents posted on his website really do speak for themselves.

For more detailed information and a look at those legal and association documents, click on this link:

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  1. Michael D. George says:

    My client CAROLYN A. ELWIN received an assessment “DEMAND LETTER” in the mail yesterday threatening her that if she did not pay them $4,698.00 within 30 days from the date of their letter, that they would file a “NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT LIEN AGAINST PROPERTY FOR SUMS NOT PAID TO PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION”. There was no accounting of the demand, and also mentioned “finance charges”.

    I have responded that my review of the documents creating the Association, leads me to the conclusion that the entity expired in 1981. Thereafter, they have tried to resuscitate the dead entity using CPR (i.e. just filing a document at the Nueces County Clerk’s Office) some 25 years later.

    I think the proper procedure would have been to contact all the homeowners to see if they desired to re-birth the association, not just do it and file the notice of birth at the Courthouse.

    In short, she is not going to pay and is hoping that they do file this lien, and then commence making their lives as difficult as they have for the many..many…retired folks in this neighborhood.

    • Jones says:

      Congratulations to you, Atty. George, for representing your client in such a powerful and positive manner. I am personally proud of her and you for standing strong in this continuous war homeowners have here in Texas trying to hold onto their property that get worse as they age. Please keep us in the loop as I would like to know how all of this turns out and thank you for letting us know about this HOA fight.

      Staff Member

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