Texas. 2012 It has just been brought to our organization’s attention by one of our Vice Presidents that someone has setup a website calling themselves “the National Homeowners Advocates” and telling people that contact them that they can sign up for $200.00 and they will go to their mortgage company and they will get money back for them from the mortgage company because they are being overcharged. For the record, we do not offer this type of service.

We do not think this is a random accident or a mistake but that whoever is doing this is doing it intentionally with the intent of bringing harm to our business reputation.

We have alerted all of our satellite offices to be on the lookout for any unusual activity, contacts or complaints involving a group with the same name as ours asking them to pay $200.00 so that they can contact their mortgage company for a overcharge refund. The National Homeowners Advocate Group does not provide this type of service for homeowners. We ask anyone reading this article to contact us at any of our satellite offices to report this fraud.

When we goggled our name, we came up with the following website that looked suspicious and that had the same name as ours (The National Homeowners Advocates). Their website is and we have already contacted the host of this website and asked that they remove the website as it also has President Barack Obama’s name on it and after talking with the White House, the website they support is which pertains to mortgages, etc.

Our website is copyrighted so we know that anyone using our name could not be using it legally or gone through the regular channels of publishing an authentic website which would have done a search and not permitted the publishing of the website in the first place.
Here is information about our group so that you will be able to tell when you are talking to a scammer using our name to benefit themselves or to ham our business reputation.

This is who we are:

The National Homeowners Advocate Group, LLC started in Texas as the Texas Homeowners Advocate Group, a group seeking homeowner association reform with high concentration on stopping foreclosures by homeowner associations.

We believe that knowledge about the laws governing your community and information on how to make needed changes in the laws that detrimentally affect your lifestyle should be at every homeowner's fingertips.

As a member of our group, you will learn what your property and Constitutional rights are or are not. We will work with you one-on-one or in a group. We are a homeowner advocate group dedicated to helping homeowners throughout the nation in their HOA disputes. We have satellite offices across the country manned by homeowners just like you that have or had conflicts with their HOA and together now work with us to help other homeowners resolve their issues.

We believe in the “Homeowners United” concept in which together we can resolve our own issues by learning what our property and Constitutional rights are and learning how to protect those rights without going bankrupt and having to sell our homes. However, if your issue is beyond resolving without court intervention or you are already sued and need an attorney, while we are not attorneys, we will refer you to qualified, honest, fair attorneys that have expertise in litigating for homeowners in HOA disputes.

We know that sometimes your dispute is not something an attorney need to become involved with so we try to help with the dispute to resolve amicably for all concerned. Our goal is to ensure that not every dispute has to end up in a costly, lengthy, gruesome battle in your community leaving everyone bitter, fearful, broke and sick when it is all over, with the only winner being a CAI (Community Association Institute Attorney) or a Senator Carona Management Company.

Our accomplishments thus far: While initially operating under the mother group, the Texas Homeowner's Advocate Group, successfully achieved getting the Texas Attorney General to answer a key foreclosure question which gave us the go ahead to solicit help from our legislators; various media performances to alert the public regarding the foreclosures, fines and HOA reform needed; conducted neighborhood training and informational seminars throughout the state; helped stop a number of bad bills from passing; continually educating legislators regarding the ongoing problems with foreclosures, fines and the need for HOA/POA regulation; articles and a book written by members; assisting homeowners with acute HOA/POA problems; assisting with the writing of proposed legislation; a continual watchdog for homeowner- related issues; a growing petition to permanently stop foreclosures; building a "Watchdog" list of Fair Debt Collector violators; an investigative report.

One of our tools is an on-line newspaper in which we write our own stories and publish them:

Now you know who we are and what we stand for so that you can determine before you pay $200.00 for services we do not offer to an organization that has the same name as ours that is not one we support. Our membership fee is only $42.00 annually.

Remember to contact any of our satellite offices listed at the top of the page to report any fraudulent activity involving our name and/or anyone calling you requesting you pay them $200 for services to get money back from your mortgage company. So far complaints are being documented from the Dallas area.

The National Homeowners Advocate Group, LLC © 2012. All rights reserved.

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