A new national HOA (homeowner and property owner association) service for board members has started in North Carolina by Shelton Lee, who is currently serving on his board in Charlotte. He has put together a free forum exclusively for Homeowners and Condominium Association Board Members to privately compare notes on service providers, or to share solutions to problems they face, without influence from outside vendors.

“So many service providers advising us today are only interested in selling their services, even if it’s not what’s in our Community’s best interest”, says Mr. Lee. “ lets Association Board Members get together online and share unbiased information, without interference from management firms or attorneys, or anyone else just trying to sell us their services.”

“We, as board members have a fiduciary duty to our owners and with that in mind,” says Mr. Lee, “I have put together an organization strictly for board members across the country.” To find out more about this organization, please go to

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