Texas. Let’s not forget about the downside of the voting slip. Judges are running locally for office as well. I would like to bring attention to one judge in particular—Judge Tracy Christopher. My husband and I had the misfortune of being in her courtroom back in the 90’s. We sued our former lienholder for wrongfully foreclosing on us when we no longer owned the house or were physically in the house.
Christopher took it upon herself to interfere with our jury trial by responding to a jury question in a way that stopped the jury from deliberating. We lost our case because of her. I devoted a chapter to her in my book—“The Texas Homestead Hoax”. She eventually ended up in the 14th Court of Appeals in Houston, Texas.

Several years ago, I appealed a case and interestingly enough, it went to the 14th Court of Appeals and Christopher was one of the jurist on my appeal. She should have recused herself because she is bias against me but instead she made a ruling along with the other two jurists and. of course, I lost what should have been an easy win for me.

There is an opponent running against Christopher. If you are a homeowner in the State of Texas, you just might end up appealing your case one day so this is a warning to you that you really don’t want Christopher sitting on a panel reviewing your case. She has no respect for homeowners litigating pro se, she is bias and she doesn’t respect the rights of homeowners. She is for big business.
The way to go is to vote NO for Judge Tracy Christopher on November 8th or before if you early vote.

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