Attention:  Homeowners living in Sections 5 and 6 of the Villages of Town Center Subdivision, Rosenberg, Texas, count the proxies for yourself (204 votes is all they got)...they needed 289 votes and there are only 211 do the math.    Also, for your inspection is the letter sent by Atty. James Leeland with the law firm of Hoover Slovacek, LLP, in which on page 3, he said he and others counted the proxies and the annexation was passed.  However, evidence indicates the annexation failed.   Also, read the minutes of the HOA which indicated Atty. James Leeland was there from the very beginning of the annexation scheme.  Also attached is the Annexation and Use Agreement the developer created that will give owners in Sections 5 and 6 the information pertaining to what was supposed to happen if not for the illegal annexation.

Hoover Slovacek LLP

MINUTES Atty Leelan

correct true 211 proxies 1of4

correct true 211 proxies 2of4

correct true 211 proxies 3of4

correct true 211 proxies 4 of4

Annexation and Use Agreement

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