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August 18, 2017: Joni Skibo is a member and officer of the National Homeowners Advocate Group. She has fought a long and hard battle with her homeowner association (HOA) and following is some good news from her—enjoy!:

- Hello Every One -

- I Just stopped in to Let my fellow Home Owners and HOA Reform Advocacy Group Members know, what has been Happening in my Life over the last 15 years-

- After Years of fighting against the Abuse's & Punishments being pummeled against Myself & My Husband by our HOA and it's Board of Directors - WE were forced to File a Lawsuit against them, ( cause # C-564- 02-D - filed in Hidalgo County, TX.), the Case was Filed against: 'Green Gate Grove Property Owner's Association & it's Board of Directors for: "Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress" -

- Waiting 5 1/2 long Years for the Case to go before a Judge and Jury,.. we are happy to announce it finely went to Trial...

- The Trial lasted nearly 3 full weeks - We Presented over 200 peaces of Evidence and Called several People as a witness to give Sworn Testimony on the witness Stand,,,

- We where also called as a Witness - We Testified about How the Board continually Harassed & Threatened Us - We also gave examples & instances of How the Board intentionally made our Lives Miserable, adding how the Board had Abused their Powers by Denying Us our right to Vote, and Denied our right to Check-out the HOA's Books a & Records - Also Denied an Independent Auditing Firm ( which we had Hired) to Audit the HOA's Books, Banking & Accounting Records -

- We also Testified to the Fact that several Board Members Encouraged other Homeowners to do damage to our House and Lawn - the Board also Vocalized encouragements to everyone who lived and Attended Meetings in the HOA, " to offer-up Ideas of Different ways to Harass & Intimidate Joni, so she would No long what to Live in our Community & Attend our Meetings, because she is nothing but a Trouble Maker " -

- We as the Plaintiff's also Provided Medical Records/Doctor Reports and Photos showing the Physical Harm done - Cuts and Bruises resulting from a Physical Attack on TWO Separate Occasions by two different Board members

- We also provided and was allowed by the Judge, to show several Video Types that Proved the Board would Incite and Encourage Violence & Hate towards Us during several Community Meetings. -

- After carefully listening to all the Witness Testimony and Reviewing all the Evidence, a 12 Person Jury was excused from the courtroom to Deliberate, based on the Facts of the Case -

- TWO (2) Hours later, the Jury came back into the courtroom with a Unanimous Decision... They Found the HOA was GUILTY of: Forcing the Plaintiff's to endure years of Harassment, Threats and Abuse's by the HOA Board of Directors and thereby did; "Intentionally Inflict Emotional Distress upon the Plaintiff's" -- The Jury rendered a Judgment, which was entered into the Count Records: Monetary Damages shell be Awarded to the 'Plaintiffs' in the Amount of; $363,000..dollars - for Past and Future Medical Treatments that may be necessary. -

- Afterwards My Husband and I then Decided it was in our Best Interest to SELL our small Custom-built Retirement House, which had been located inside the gates of Green Gate Grove HOA community, located in Mission Texas - And Moving back to our home State of Michigan,..... where we decided to Place a Modular Home on Property we owned Up-North, in the Tip of Thumb -

- After Living in the Tip of the Thumb of Michigan for 10 Years ( enjoying the Spring, Summer and Autumn months... but then drive our RV south to avoid the Cold & Snow-staying in Florida during the Winter months ),, we eventually decided to Purchase a Pool House and permanently Move to Florida... so we Sold the House in Michigan and are currently enjoying the Warm Temperatures & Sunshine of Florida year round --

-- IF ANYONE, including the Members of this Group wish to Contact Me - feel free to Send an Email to:: Newquilter2003@yahoo.com

* * I'll send back a Reply with-in three days * *

Hope to Hear from You Soon ?
Sincerely, Joni

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  1. Donna Aloia says:

    I am being sued by POA HOA of which Ibwas always exempt from Bought my Commercial property in 2008 .. Two lots therevwere designated special use Me 1A another 1B . The HOA went after 1B first then backed off cause he is well loaded and said if sued he would run them out of their dues . Tgey quickly grandfathered him in . Then they went and served me a suit I am a Holistic provider Massage Yoga and Health . They think I am a parlor or strip joint . They have kicked me out of meetings saying I am not a member etc Constant harassment, They filed a Declatory Judgement making me a residential ????? Help

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