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Many moons ago, this national organization introduced a co-op legal plan to homeowners across the country to assist them with their property and homeowner association issues.  For as little as $17.00 per month or $26.00 per month (depending upon the plan you purchase), you are able to get legal advice from a law firm without going broke in the process and the plan will also cover your entire family.  Once you join, your member law firm, located in your state, is assigned to you as this co-op plan is generated from a national company.  Your member law firm will answer all of your legal questions, look at your documents and refer you to attorneys who will litigate for you at a 25% reduced rate per hour or at no additional charge after you have accumulated hours per month as a continual member and if you become a defendant in a court action.


It does not matter what state you live in, this legal plan will operate out of your state using a law firm in your area for you to consult with and if you talk to an attorney from your member law firm that is rude, just report it to the member law firm and he or she will be replaced with an even better attorney.  We cannot let one bad apple spoil the whole barrel.


One thing we all need at some time in our life is an attorney.  However, due to the limited number of attorneys trained in this particular field of litigation, homeowners are generally stuck with attorneys who are not qualified to protect their property and Constitutional rights against rogue property and homeowner associations or if they are able to find one that know the law in that area, the homeowner cannot afford the fee.


Well, we are happy to reintroduce a co-op plan we introduced to homeowners more than ten (10) years ago.  This plan is still the best deal in town.


Imagine getting legal advice and help whenever you need it at a price you can actually afford.  Other legal services are available and other legal plans are available for entrepreneurs, business owners, truck drivers, corporations, brokers, any one that needs an attorney or wants to start a business.


You can either sign up and have your family covered, especially nice for families with teenagers that drive and sometimes get tickets (yeah and sometimes you do too), and just like food co-ops, the cost is low because many people are sharing the cost.  What a concept?  The best part of this is we do not come to your door and take your blood pressure and get your health history before you qualify for this policy.  You can join this co-op plan on-line in seconds and have an attorney available to you to answer your legal questions “almost” immediately.  It takes approximately a week to get your welcome package, so if you want to get it sooner, just send us an email and we will be more than happy to get your membership number sooner for you... contact@tnhoag.com


Here is the link to learn more about this co-op legal plan and sign up for it:  https://www.legalshield.com/MS/Multisite?site=info&assoc=harvellajones


If you are looking for a business opportunity, we can help you out with that too.  This is certainly an excellent time to start your own business and be the entrepreneur you have always wanted to be while at the same time covering your own legal needs.  Here is the link to learn more about that and to join our national team.   Just think how cool that would be to operate a business, quietly from your home on your own home computer, reaching out to individuals across the internet that need legal assistance and/or networking one-on-one with people in your own community, your own church, your own area, building your own team.  Don’t you just love the sound of that?  Here’s the opportunity link to examine that option:


It does not matter what state you live in, this legal plan will operate out of your state using a law firm in your area for you to consult with and if you talk to an attorney from your member law firm that is rude, just report it to the member law firm and he or she will be replaced with an even better attorney.  We cannot let one bad apple spoil the whole barrel.  Here’s the opportunity link:


If you need identity theft coverage…here is the link for that as well: http://www.legalshield.com/idt/harvellajones or the above link also leads to Identify Theft Shield protection.


We personally put our stamp of approval on this Plan because it works.  We feel like we have a law firm in our back pocket and thought it was a good time to re-introduce this “gem” to all of you; after all, what are friends for.  Take care ….

The National Homeowners Advocate Group, LLC  - This is the legal plan we use.   © 2012.  All rights reserved.

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  1. John Wiley says:

    Before you run to pay for this service, you should know that a “pre-existing” situation (such as ANYTHING that happened PRIOR to your first payment for this legal coverage) is NOT COVERED:

    ******6. Pre-existing Conditions are excluded under this Title. Pre-existing Conditions for Title III are defined as those acts which give rise to a lawsuit which are alleged to have occurred prior to the Effective Date, even though the lawsuit was not filed until after such date.

    • Jones says:

      Dear John, that is correct. If you have a pre-existing dispute and join, you will be covered under Title V and would qualify for the 25% discount off an hourly rate. If you don’t have a pre-existing dispute and you join, you will accrue hours depending upon which plan you join to be used if you are named as a defendant in a subsequent lawsuit. You also accrue hours each month you are a member to be used if you become a defendant in a subsequent lawsuit regardless of the pre-existing dispute that may have motivated you to join the co-op legal plan.

      When you open up a complaint, you can request a letter be sent to the offender after the legal service has researched the law pertaining to your issue. This service only costs an additional $10.00 (that’s right $10.00) to cover the certified mailing fee and it can resolve 99% of your legal issues without having to go further. The Legal Service will send you a complimentary copy of the letter they send to the offender. Remember, attorney referrals is a service that you do not have to participate in if you do not want but if it is necessary for your issue that was pre-existing, you get a 25% discount off each hour as mentioned earlier and the first consultation is at no cost to you. At that point during the initial consultation, it is your decision whether or not you want the referral to represent you. If you have legal questions about any subject matter, your monthly membership fee covers the answers without any additional cost to you. Your membership includes a complimentary will and an annual update at no cost. Also, legal assistance for any matter requiring an attorney.

  2. Lisa Martin says:

    Can someone please point me in the right direction? I need to speak with an attorney.
    Can you offer names and numbers? The number listed on the website does not work.

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