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Harvella Jones

Look out Arizona, there is a new homeowner advocate group in town called Committee Angels and they are exposing condominium homeowner association (HOA) abuse. Seems like there is plenty to expose at their starting point of Langley Gardens Condominiums, Tucson, Arizona.

The President, Lisa Wilcox, formed her Committee Angels group, a nonprofit group, “to help seniors, veterans, the disabled, single parent families, low-income families or anyone in need of help in an HOA/Condominium Association community who have been adversely affected by the economy; fallen behind with association dues and at risk of foreclosure.” Her group is committed “to help as many people as possible”. The group’s first project was Christmas baskets for the seniors in her Langley Gardens Condominiums community. In the future they plan to have events open to the Langley community and other communities as well in the spirit of the group’s motto “Neighbors Helping Neighbors Brings Communities Together”. As Ms. Wilcox has stated “it’s important that our neighbors who are struggling or going through difficult times know that they are not alone, the Committee Angels really want to help”.

There are a number of concerns Ms Wilcox has generating from Langley Gardens Condominiums which include her board recall effort being influenced by the association’s attorney, Ms. Goldschmidt, a CAI (Community Associations Institute) attorney who contacted homeowners and asked them to vote against the removal of the board; removal of trees and shrubbery despite the protests of owners; HOA dues and assessments not timely recorded resulting in discrepancies in account statements; substantial increase in insurance deductible without proper notification to owners; CCR’s not updated or previously enforced over a period of several years now sudden ‘violations’ to select owners in the community; the board’s refusal to help families in crisis by not allowing reasonable payment arrangements for unpaid and late HOA dues, demanding payment in full, liens placed on properties, families already hurting turned over to the association’s attorney for collections and court actions filed with amounts of only a few hundred dollars owed in association dues turned into thousands by all the added fees imposed resulting in subsequent foreclosures; Ms. Wilcox further stated “the loss we must endure in our community by the loss of good friends and neighbors forced to leave their homes and the pain felt by those who’s ‘community of neighbors’ known as ‘the board of directors’ refusing to help them in their time of need is what motivates the Committee Angels to make a difference; Together we can make miracles happen for our neighbors”.

Committee Angels is expanding their network of “Angels” to include other Condo Associations and HOA communities. They are also a member of The National Homeowners Advocate Group, LLC, The National HAGS Coalition and the Arizona Satellite Office for The National Homeowners Advocate Group, LLC.
For more information regarding the advocacy of this new Arizona group go to their website at

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